Our landscape is a precious but fragile heritage. Do we have a beautiful landscape marred by occasional signs of inappropriate human activity, or do we have a predominantly fragmented, urbanised and degraded landscape that still contains a few places of rare beauty?
There are many ways of answering that question, and photography is one because to photograph it is necessary to see clearly. When we look freshly and objectively, what is really there? These photographs record and represent both the good, and some of the bad, in our landscape.
Most of the galleries on this site contain a mixture of wide views and more intimate details of the landscape. Many of the photos are of Wales, perhaps the most underestimated part of the British Isles with everything from mountains to sea in its small compass. The scope of each gallery is of necessity subjective; the search facility lets you seek images by place or by type.

Please note that you’ll only see the images as intended, and as they will print, if your monitor is calibrated.

Yr Elen, Carnedd Llewelyn